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Dales Hospital visit August 12. 2011






About half way to the hostpital my pain got worse and I told Don to step on it as I needed to get there Stat. When I got there there was noone there to get a wheel chain to take me in. The hospital was in disarray because of a building program going on to make a new CCU unit, and a temperary entrance had be constructed to go to the emergency room, therefore, demanding that attendents be at the outside of the temperary entrance to receive patients, such as I, and have a wheelchair to transport into the emergency room admittance area. No one was there so I began the walk to the admittance room, which was about 200 feet away. As I was walking very slowly along and holding onto the side rail, about 1/3 the way, I was very concerned that I wouldn't make it all the way because I was hurting very bad now and had to stop. While I was leaning against the wall, I saw someone come out of the emergency pushing two wheel chairs. When she got beside me I asked her if she was a person that wheeled people, that had a problem, to the emergency room. She responded that, that was her job and kept right on going. I continued on down the corridor and into the admittance room and up to the desk where the two people seemed to be very busy behind the window. There was nobody at the window but me and I waitrd for one of them to ask what I was there for, as soon as they got time.