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Thank you for visiting the home of Dales Deeres. This site started on Feburary 3rd 2004 to make available to the public a variety of products from used tractors, tractor implements and parts to some industrial equipment and parts. We will also try to assist you in finding products that are not listed on this site. Just e-mail us with what you want.

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This tractor was sold by Dawsons Feed and Hardware store when it was located on Oakland Road, in south Morgan Co. Wv. It was the first John Deere tractor in Morgan Co. WV.
The tractor was first put into production in May of 1935 and this one was made sometime around September on the same year.
It was purchased by Vicent Neeley of Berkeley Springs, who lived in the Rock Gap area, and operated a stone crusher.It arrived at the B&O railroad station in Hancock and was driven across the old river bridge that went out in the flood of 1936. It was driven back to Rock Gap on the steel wheels, that it came with, and used for many years as it was. It turned a stone crusher for a number of years and when WW11 was over the need to expand operations into sawing and threshing caused a need for rubber tires so it could be driven on the roads. John Deere then offered a kit to be installed by cutting the steel wheels off and welding the new rubber tire rims on. Mr.Neely traded it in on an "R" Model diesel sometime in the mid fifties.The "AO" was resold to someone in Bedford Co . Pa. After Mr. Ward Dawson Jr. retired from the business in the mid eighties, he went on the look for it, found and purchased it back, somewhat restored and painted it for his collection. After his death his son liquadated his collection and Larry Omps, who is now one of the owners of Dawsons Home Center, purchased the tractor. In the fall of 2001 I approached him and told him if he ever wanted to sell it to give me first chance. In late Nov. of that same year, he called me to say he would sell it to me for an agreed price. I rebuilt the carb, finished installing the braces on the fenders and put a shut off valve on the gas line to keep it from running gas into the crankcase. Nothing else has been done to the tractor and it goes to shows all around the area.