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If I were to ask you; "If something were to happen to you and your life was ended in next few minutes, do you know for sure that you would go to heaven"? If the Lord should return in the next few minutes. Would you be in the number that would go to heaven. Or, would you be left behind?

There may very well be only a short time left before the Lord's returns for all those that made a decision for Christ and are born again believers. It is incumbant upon you to make a choice. No one can just think or hope to go to heaven. Being baptised, alone, will not do it. Belonging to a church and having your name on the roll is not enough. Being a good person and treating your neighbors good won't Git-R-Done. You alone are the only one that can make a choice for "you". To wait for a later time may cost you your only chance to get there. "Now", is the time. Take the time "Now".

1. Ask the Lord to forgive all sin in your life.
2. Tell Him, in honesty, that you believe that He went
to the cross and died for your sin.
3. That you believe He was buried and raised from the grave three days later.
4. That He is at the right hand of the Father, right now, ever making intersession for you.
5. Ask Him to come into your heart and be your Saviour.
6. Now ! Thank Jesus for this wonderful thing He has now done for you. "Amen"

If you done these 6 steps above and believed it in your heart, that this is so, then you bet your life, He is your saviour and Lord.

What will happen immediately now is: The Devil will cherp into your ears: Ain't nuttin to that stuff! Well: That's his job and what he does. He'll try to talk you out of your confession. But now it is your turn to tell satan where to go. Just say! I rebuke you satan, in the name of Jesus. The word of God is clear. Satan will have to flee from you when you use the name of Jesus. You may have to keep repeating this for some time. After all. You had satans spirit in you for a long time and he was comfortable there, not wanting to leave.

What you just did, when you said those 6 steps, was dispell the satan spirit(s) from your life and replace them with the Holy Spirit of The Great God Himself. Now, instead of having satans spirit to be the guide of your life, you have the God Spirit as a guide. What could be more wonderful? The God of love verses the little god of hate and death.

If you need and want more information on this or any other matter. Just e-mail me. bucktail2@earthlink.net