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The John Deere Model "GP" Tractors


Since the Model "C" John Deere tractor only lasted about a year and a half, it was considered just a testing tractor for what would be the real one. After the bugs were reduced to the point where John Deere considered that this tractor was truly ready for the market, it was then introduced as the General Purpose (GP) in August of 1928. The first production models with the new designation name were almost the same as the model "C", The only difference to be noticed, 1. the exhaust pipe outlet was ovel, instead of round, simply by molding the end at an angle instead of straight, 2. new style seat support, 3. the position of the front axle stops, 4. the General Purpose lettering on the side of hood.

As with all manufactured products there are modifications as time goes on and there are no exceptions here. In late 1929 the air intake was revised to take in air at a higher point, to minimize dirt intake, by installing a breathing pipe on the outside, right side. No other modifications were made till 1930 when there were major changes to be made. By August of 1930 the apperance of the tractor was altered by moving the air intake pipe to the left side and now a new design exhaust was changed to come out the right side with a vertical pipe and spark arrester. It now stood tall among all the other color tractors out there. In 1932 rubber tires became available and lights powered by a generator.

Farmall had a tricycle design tractor in production now for several years. John Deere had been experimenting with this design for a few years and decided to go ahead and produce it. It would be called the (GPWT). General Purpose Wide Tread. Using the basic GP tractor but makiing it wide in the rear and narrow in the front. It would be wide enough in the rear to straddle two rows of corn, making it now a two or four row tractor, instead of three rows, as was the model "C" and "GP". It was now truly a row crop tractor. At the same time the horse power was increased by making it a six incher. The water injection was eliminated at this time also. The basic design "GP" continued on to 1935 as well as the "GPWT".




1930 and 1931 saw yet another design tractor made from the "GP". A special rear tread width (69inches) was called for, for the potato farmers, So one was designed to meet that market. It only lasted for two years and was dropped as a special unit. Instead, a special inset wheel was developed for the regular "GP WT" to finish out the run of this tractor. The next breed would have adjustable rear wheels to meet any need. Now why didn't they think of this before? Well! Such goes the development of this country, folks. One thing at a time, even if it is wrong.

In 1932 the last design GP style began with a tractor that ressembled the latter two bangers of the 40's and 50's. It had the same style exhaust and over the hood style steering as the A-B 1934-1938 and the G 1938-1953. But along came the great depression and there were only 445 of these made in 1932 and 1933. This was the end of production of this series of which there were seven different designs in all. 1. Model "C". 2. Model "GP". 3."GP" w/ air pipe on right. 4. GP w/ air pipe on left and exhaust on right. 5."GPWT" 6. "GPWT" (P) Potato. I call them "tator babies". &.7. "GPWT" over the hood steering with exhaust and air intake through the hood.

During 1929 through 1933 John Deere was experimenting with what would become the model "A", which began production in 1934 just as the "GP" series ended.





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