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God heals severed fingers and holds the rain off




Many ask the question: What is a miracle? The answer to that is just about everybodies testimony, to an event in ones life, that reflect something that is very true, nevertheless, is very real to that particular person and cannot be denied. Something that can't happen, yet did. These events are not the result of the doctors skills, the waving of a wand, but the supernatural Spiritual blessings of The God in Heaven coming to us for the direct purpose of blessing us with His love.

Many have the narrow belief that miracles can be witched up from intermediate methods and forms outside of what I have stated above. If, in fact supernatural events are conjured up, and they are, they are not the result of anything God is connected to and should not be advanced upon. The god of Hells domain, satan, is also capable of things that look like miracles but, are only copycat versions of miracles that lead people farther into his snares and traps, They may look just like the real "McCoy", at the outset, but will be a much worse disaster in the end. We must remember that anything he does is very bad, however sweet coated it may look.

I have seen many miracles in my lifetime and expect to see many more. The God I serve is the only true God and His presence, His love, His Words and His nature proves it time and time again. He is total love. He does not terrorize, torture or mistreat people. He is not a god of personal beliefs, that are at the whim of any day feeling and emotions. He is a God that is the same today, yesterday, and tommorrow. Not changing to meet the needs of the time. He does not threaten with words but, blesses with them.

Some see miracles as something that falls out of the sky and simply land on people, in random spectrom, as if it were a meteor from outer space. Yes; It would seem that way. But, I can assure you a miracle doesn't fall out of the sky but is sent from the God of the sky.

The best way to understand a miracle, is to hear a testimony of one. Click on one of those listed at the left side of this page and read what God has done for that person. It may be the testimony of someone telling of a great miracle upon another person. Let God minister unto you as you read.