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How can one be informed by God?

Every born again person has that ability. When a person confesses with their mouth to accept Jesus as their personal saviour, and Lord, they also accepted the availability of other benifits of Spiritual significance. Within each beliver is a holding tank or vessel for God to fill with as much of His gifts and blessings as any one person desires. What one sees of another, with their physical eyes, is just the shell of that person. That shell is the temple (1 Cor; 3: 16) or the outside of their holding tank which contains all things spiritual.. Another term used in scriptures: Vessel (2-Tim; 2:21)(Acts; 9:15) The mind, soul and the heart of man are contained within this vessel. I'm not speaking in particular of the heart that pumps the life's flow of blood throughout the body but the inner substance of spiritual nature. The part of mankind that God sees, knows and is in contact with. It is also the part of mankind that relates to God, whether in the acceptance of Jesus as Lord, asking forgivness of sin or in their prayer life where petitions are sent up to Him. However, the heart of man (mankind) is a pump of sorts. It pumps out whatever is contained within a person, through the mouth and body language. It emanates to the world all the God virtues. Makes one more careful in what they say, Hu? The heart of man is everything inside the shell that makes up what that person really is and what others see him to be.

When we accepted Jesus as saviour our mind was immediately transformed, if we let it be. Before we let Him be our Lord and Saviour, the spirit of satan was the guide and inherent resident of our soul and he was the spiritual guide to our decisions and talk. Now that we had confessed with our mouth that we want Jesus to be our Lord, Jesus has driven satans spirit out and now we have the Godly Spirit to guide our thoughts and words. God is within us to use us and for us to use Him. "He is talking to us all the time". His mind is connected to our mind. All reasoning is regulated by the spirit of God. When we make any decision the Spirit of God is part of that transaction. His influence helps in making a desision and it will be to the benifit of aiding the building a stronger you, and the Kingdom of God.

The thoughts we have either come from God or the devil. (satan) The ability to lean to one side or the other depends upon which way we steer our lives. If we are more on the Godly side then we are more likely to have Godly thoughts. And visa-versa. What is put into a person is what comes out. (garbage in - garbage out)

How do we hear God talking? Remember, God is a Spirit. (Jhn. 4:24) God puts words into the mind and so does satan. One is the good Spirit and one is the bad spirit. How do we tell the difference? Remember; good and bad. Remember also that this is all faith based. And it is all very silly to the "World". Soooo, here we go. ---

When we are trying to hear from God it is very important that we trust Him to be what He says He is in the scriptures. Pray before asking and seeking. Get your spiritual vessel cleaned and be ready for God to put something into it. Jhn. 4:24 says that we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. The truth talked about here is the correctiveness of the heart. Not made up worship parts but true spiritual connection with the God that is within us. He is so close to us all the time and somehow we distance ourselves from Him as if He is in some remote far away place where we have to work at getting to Him. He goes where we go and He is where we are. Many times our conversation is God talking with our lips, even if we don't realize it at the time. Just because we are not in an element of spiritual connection does not mean that God has stepped out. It is we who have distanced ourselves from Him. He will never leave us. (Heb. 13:5)

The inrichment that effects how we operate with any of what God gives us is dramatically increased by the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. (power) (Acts Chpt.2) When the fire of God is put into us(vessel) we immediately see the increased results that it makes. Now, all the gifts of God are available to be installed. (1-Cor. 12:8-10) Word of Wisdom - Word of Knowledge - Gift of Faith - Gift of Healings - Gift of Miracles - Gift of Prophecy - Discerning of Spirits - Divers kinds of Tongues - Interpertation of Tongues and many others not mentioned.

Now the Christian has more in the vessel to draw from, all started when we accepted the Lord as our Saviour and then followed up by asking Him to fill us with His Holy Spirit. All this can't be bought with money. It is all a Gift. However: After receiving it, we can share it.

Try hearing God talking ,"in your mind". Practice will help and pretty soon you will be hearing Him on a regular basis. Oh sure: you will make mistakes in hearing him but don't let that deter you. When you hear God talking to you and you "know it". You soon will be lifted to a higher plain and a Christian walk with Him and you will be able to help your family and fellow man in a more powerful way.