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Oh Lamb of God

This poem was written by Jim Dyke of Martinsburg, West Virginia.


Oh Lamb of God
In all your majesty
Stepping down from His place
To be with you and me
He walked upon the earth
To set the captive free
Oh Lamb of God
The one who lives for you and me

He Brought the word
The Word was God
The bright and shiny light
Covered by the blood
His Hair white as snow
The true Light His sheep we know
His eyes a flame of fire
Holy for you is His desire

His feet like brass and a voice of many waters
His countenance shining like the stars in the sky
A voice speaks from heaven
The Holy Spirit within
Follow me a voice cries - come and see
Behold - the lamb of Calvary

So Holy Devine and Pure
He came for the sin of the world
His mission was sure
A price man couldn't pay
Three nails were the price
Oh Lamb of Calvery
A sacrifice hung on that rugged cross
For you and me






Three days passed by
He rose for our victory
A sacrifice became obedience
Even unto the cross
When He settled the price
For all who were lost
One Glad Morning the trump will sound
A Holy shout will shake the ground

A sudden silence a piercing ring
Will all the children cry
For the King of all Kings
A simple notion of love
Was sent to you
In the form of a man
We walk with him
Oh precious Lamb of God