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Marion's stroke

How can one be informed by God?
Dale's Hospital Visit 3-1-11
Story-A walk with the Lord


Faith In God Chapel

Faith In God ministries

An independent, full gospel, penticostal experiencing church, established in 1978, with services each Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening. The church is located just 3 1/2 miles east on Tabor Road. If you are traveling south on 522, from Berkeley Springs, Wv., Tabor Road is on the left approximately 3/4 mile past the ball fields. The church is situated on the right hand side of the road with a driveway leading up the hill, at an angle. The church can be seen from the road, as it sits atop the hill, with a lovely view, with pine trees and shrubbery adorning the surroundings. A welcome and a warm greeting, at the door, to all who attend the services. We encourage you to come, bring your bible, and learn what God is doing for you, your community and your country.

Sunday 10:00 AM -- Sunday School Services are started with song and prayer, followed with the teaching of Gods word from the bible. The classes are divided into different age group's with the adult class being in the upstairs sanctuary and all other classes in the basement. A nursery is provided in the basement also.

Worship Hour, starts at 11:00 A.M., with songs of praise from the hymn book and leading worship songs of the present, followed by bible teaching from Gods word.

Sunday evening 6:00 PM -- This service is started with prayer and song with the evenings teaching by the pastor or assistant pastor.

Wednesday evening 7:00 PM -- This service is started with prayer and song with the evenings teaching by the pastor or assistant pastor.

It's time to worship the Lord

Pastor, Kenneth (Ken)Dyar

Jesus Is lord


Pastor Ken Dyar - 304-258-5146

Faith In God Address = PO Box 261
Berkeley Springs, Wv 25411

Assistant pastor -- Robert (Bob) Donadieu - 304-258-3778

Faith in God Ministries has a very strong prayer chain.

If you are in need of prayer or know someone that is in need of prayer, just call


"Let The Redeemed Of The Lord Say So"