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A walk with the Lord

On a lazy, warm day last week, I thought I would take a walk around the neighborhood to see the autumn leaves. I walked down the driveway and as I came to the road in front of our house, I paused to make a decision on whether to go to the right, up the hill, or go left down the hill. I decided to go right and make the small climb first. Just over the hill, maybe 300 yards, I came to an intersection and there again had to make a decision on which way to go. This time I would go to the left. As I was entering the other road I was greeted by another man going in my direction and we walked together, talking and getting to know one another. Our talk was very intense which made us walk in a very slow motion down the road we were traveling. We would kick a small stone with the toe of our shoe. Pause long enough to pick up a small stick, that laid along the side and roll it in our hands or perhaps brake it into little pieces, all the while carrying on the conversation.

I asked him if he lived in this area, not ever seeing him before. He said he had lived here all his life and that he knew me very well. That kind of jolted me a little, but then I had run a business and there were many that knew me from being a person in the forefront of things and also I had been part of a singing group and there were many that saw me in that respect. After all, I had lived here for 50 years also, and had come to meet a lot of people. His face was very familiar, if you know what I mean. It was as if I should be able to put a name on him but couldn't, at least at this time, I was thinking that if I kept on talking it would come to me. He seemed to be in his thirties somewhere and was so polite and courteous. He talked with a smile and the most beautiful way of hand gesturing I had ever seen.

He said; you see that big oak there and those pines with the small needles. Look down in that low place at that big shellbark hickory with the squirrel on the second limb to the left. I planted all those trees back some time ago. Now I'm not the brightest little boy in the class but even I can do thought processes of figuring out that if he is in his thirties and those trees are about one hundred years old, well? How do I answer that? Then I realized he was baiting me and intended me to have an answer, the right answer. Cleverly I sort of changed the direction of the conversation a bit and said; I planted some trees on my property, back when my wife and I first moved here in the seventies, and they are getting pretty large. In fact, I had to cut one of them, that was in front of our house, and I sawed several 2" x 6"'s from it. Without changing facial expressions he said; I know. You know where I live? I asked. Oh yes, I've been there many times. No wonder his face is so familiar, I thought thinking maybe he had brought some saw chains in to be sharpened.

We walked on, talking about various things. I mentioned that it sure was a delightful day and that the weather sure had been beautiful these last few days. He replied that all these people around here, and he gestured with his hand, they all have a different opinion about what the weather should be like. Some think it should be warmer. Some think it should be cooler. Some think it too wet while others think it is too dry. You are praising the Lord for the beautiful leaves and others are cursing because they have to rake them away. It's hard to satisfy everybody, you know. I bet it's hard for the Lord to manage that, I said. He replied! You got that right, for sure.

As we went on, we came to a house trailer along the road. He asked if I knew who lived there. Nooo-, I don't, I replied. I don't know them either, he said. I sure would like to meet them or have them come to me. Maybe you could get to know them and introduce them to me, he said. I know they are very fine people that have been too busy and just haven't taken the time to meet people around here. That seems to be story I hear a lot.

Then we came to a little country church, by the side of the road that was perhaps one hundred maybe one hundred and fifty years old. I said that I used to go to that church, back many years ago, but my wife and I go to another church now, called, Faith In God Chapel, down on Tabor road, about ten miles from here. We left this church when we no longer felt that we were welcome here. I know the feeling, he said. There are times when no one will welcome a person a place to lay their head. I might as well tell you the reason for the unwelcome ness. You see we got baptized in the Holy Ghost and ever after that I guess we looked and acted strange to them and they didn't want any change in their church. We were told that it had been like that for nigh on as long as anyone could remember and they wanted to keep it that-a-way. Yea, he said. I know most of those people there and they know me. Some, however, say they know me but I have never, I say never known them. You talk like you go to that church, I said. For the most part, he said. But sometimes they shut the door on me and won't let me in. And you keep going back? I asked. Well! What's a person going to do? There's a couple families that keep inviting me back and I can't disappoint them, you know. I'm just that way.

Well; we walked and talked for over two hours when we came full circle back to my driveway. We shook hands and a special feeling went through my whole body, at the touch of his hand. I said "good-bye" and headed for my house and he said to tell everybody they ought to walk more. I had only gone maybe three steps when I remembered who He was. I turned to say-----. He was gone. Nowhere in sight.

I just stood there in the driveway looking up in the sky at the clouds and thinking---"What a day this has been".