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Dale's Deer Jerky Recipe


Some of the best tasting deer jerky you will ever put into your mouth. Absolutely make your mouth water just thinking about it. If you like good deer jerky you will have to try, "Dale's Deer Jerky", recipe. It's simple to make with simple ingredients and you can probably make it with the tools already in your house. Needless to say, you can make jerky with meats other then deer meat. How about elk, caribou or even bear meat. Bear meat makes excellent jerky because of the coarseness and of it's texture. Learn how to get the best results when making jerky. You get the recipe and all the details on how to make good jerky . I have spent 25 years in perfecting this recipe and I believe it to be the best recipe on the market today, anywhere.

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Dale's Deer Jerky Recipe

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